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Conference Objectives

The key objectives of the conference are:

  • To determine how EbA can be harnessed to protect and restore Africa’s ecosystems as well as integrate it into policy framework to enable improved agricultural production and productivity
  • To identify scalable and inclusive business models for EBA driven agriculture  that can create opportunities in the entire agricultural value chain
  • To identify scalable  innovative financing models  for EBA driven agriculture that when implemented could stimulate  growth, job creation and value chain partnership in Africa
  • To understand the  benefits of EBA for job creation and the achievement of the proposed SDGs and what Africa will lose as a continent if EbA is ignored or given little support;
  • To identify enabling policies and legislation that will incentivize countries to invest in agriculture, soil conservation and EbA;
  • To understand the paradigms that governs the development of agriculture in Africa and  gain knowledge on the agents of change who could bring the paradigm shift and associated agenda forward and what needs to be done to mobilize them and facilitate their activities
  • To discuss what needs to be done to incentivize private sector involvement in EBA-driven agriculture to bring in capital and enhance competitiveness.
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About the Conference

The 2014 Africa Progress Panel report presents the two faces of Africa: robust economic growth and continuing poverty. But the report suggests Africa could change this duality by asking: how can resources make a positive impact on development?